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I'm not sure the data support your conclusions. I am a fully assenting Catholic, but I was also a cancer vaccine researcher before I became a stay at home mom.

The fact presented here is that the vaccine does not help, and may harm someone already infected. This does suggest a sexually active woman should be tested before vaccination, but it actually supports the vaccination of young girls.

Also, it is indeed well known that HPV does not "cause" cervical cancer in the sense that HIV causes AIDS. Instead, it damages the cells of the cervix, increasing the likely hood of cancer causing errors as the body repairs those cells.

There may be reasons to oppose the vaccine being used for girls, but this is not a valid one.

Consider this: If "nearly all sexually active women" have HPV, that would mean nearly all sexually active men have HPV. In that case, unless your daughter's husband is a virgin, she is likely to be exposed if she marries. Once exposed, there is no cure, although most infections have no symptoms. This will not directly cause cervical cancer, but it will increase her chances of getting cervical cancer. The chances of cure on cervical cancer are not too bad if they catch it early, but not too great either. The chances of a cure if they don't get it early are really pretty bad.

It's all chances, of course. Most women with HPV don't get the cancer. You have to weigh the risks of getting cancer (pretty low) with the consequences if that 1 in whatever number is your daughter (pretty severe) and the risks/consequences/benefits of the vaccine.

If I vaccinate my own daughters (I have not yet decided)it will not be because I think she won't be a virgin when she marries, but because I think she may marry someone who is not in the same state, and because I will have decided the vaccine is relatively safe (not determined).


Thank you, Wendy. It's hard to sort out, so I appreciate your expertise. You bring up very valid concerns. I hope reliable information will soon be available. Regardless, with so many in the sexual revolution having already sown the wind, the next generation will indeed reap the whirlwind.


Good information, thanks. I'm holding out for more information as well. We've got time; my daughter is only three.

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